Cash-Out Refinance After Bankruptcy

Obtaining a refinance after the discharge of a bankruptcy can be difficult. Banks and Credit Unions require borrowers to wait at least 4 years from the discharge date before applying for a new loan. These credit decisions are made by a computer and can be problematic if you have income or credit report issues.

This is where we can help.

We specialize in refinance loans for individuals that are currently in Chapter 13 or have been recently discharged from a bankruptcy. The loans we provide are insured by the Federal Housing Administration and are always manually underwritten by an actual person. Our expertise in preparing these loans for review by an FHA underwriter gives you the best chance of getting your loan approved.

Give us a call!! We would be happy to review your scenario and let you know if you have a good chance of being approved for a fixed rate FHA cash-out refinance loan.

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